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Court Dismisses Negligent Supervision Lawsuit in Student Sexual Abuse Case

Key point 10-09.2. Some courts have found churches not liable on the basis of negligent supervision for a worker's acts of child molestation on the ground that the church exercised reasonable care in the supervision of the victim and of its own programs and activities.

A Minnesota court dismissed a lawsuit claiming that a school was responsible, on the basis of negligent supervision, for a coach's sexual abuse of a minor student. In the fall of 2009, an adult male (the "defendant") was employed as a football coach and weight room supervisor at a public high school. Prior to hiring the defendant, the school district interviewed him, checked his references, and conducted a criminal background check. During the hiring process, the school district did not discover anything that suggested he posed a risk to students.

When the defendant was hired, he received a copy of the school district's employee ...

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  • April 20, 2017

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