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State Supreme Court Addresses Pastor's Rescinded Resignation

The central issue was the pastor's status, a question the court was barred from resolving by the constitutional protection of religious liberty.

Last Reviewed: March 12, 2021
Key point 2-04.1. Most courts have concluded that they are barred by the First Amendment guarantees of religious freedom and nonestablishment of religion from resolving challenges by dismissed clergy to the legal validity of their dismissals.

The Alabama Supreme Court addressed the question of whether a pastor who had resigned his position could later retract his resignation.

At a church business meeting in 1995, a church appointed a new pastor. The church operated with its new pastor for a number of years without conflict. By 2012, however, a rift had formed between the pastor and board of deacons which led to the pastor's termination, as described in a letter to him from the board:

The listed deacons called the meeting for the purpose of informing the body of some of their concerns regarding the welfare of the church that need immediate attention. A few of the things that were discussed ...

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