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Issues that affect ministers and churches

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Criminal Liability

Church Member's Arrest Justified Member access only

Individuals who send threatening communications to a pastor can face criminal liability.
May 2020
Employment Practices

Teachers at a Religious Preschool Not Considered Ministers Member access only

California Appeals Court says the four-factor test for ministerial status in Hosanna-Tabor was not satisfied.
March 2020
Church Membership

Churchgoer’s Criminal Stalking Conviction Vacated Due to Free Speech Concerns Member access only

Man’s social media posts about a church employee retained First Amendment protections, court says.
October 2019
Judicial Resolution of Church Disputes

Appellate Court: Age Discrimination Claim Against Church May Proceed Member access only

Lower court instructed to evaluate merits of dismissed employee's lawsuit, suggesting possible vulnerability for churches.
September 2019
Child Abuse Reporting

Victim May Sue Religious School and Its Leaders for Failing to Report Abuse, Court Says

A negligence claim can proceed on evidence that religious leaders failed to follow state reporting laws.
September 2019