How to Be a Specialist in Supporting Your Support Team
How to Be a Specialist in Supporting Your Support Team
Simple guidelines that will help supporting roles go from “unseen” to “valued.”

Without support roles in the church, little or no ministry would take place. Pastors may have a heart for preaching, but they still have to feed their families. That requires that payroll be processed.

Unless you are a house church, you probably owe rent or utilities to a vendor, and checks have to be prepared. If you have more than a couple of employees, your church likely has information technology and human resources needs.

These support roles may be filled by volunteers or paid staff. Regardless, your church should take care not to minimize the importance of these responsibilities. You can help ensure they are given their due by following a few key guidelines.

Tone at the top is critical

If the senior pastor or the board doesn’t see the support roles as important, neither will anyone else. If those in authority don’t comply with policies and procedures, it will be increasingly difficult to get others to comply as well. Leadership should be the biggest champion for the support functions within the church.

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Posted: October 30, 2015



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