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Inviting Teenagers to Do Church Work

Four ministries that can use their help.

We all talk about the staggering number of teenagers that step away from the church after they graduate high school (or even before). One of the best ways to keep teenagers involved in church is to get them involved. It’s true that many adults have an issue with letting go and handing responsibility over to a teenager, but there are so many great things that can happen when this happens.

If we don’t get them involved, one of two things can happen:

  1. They might leave the church, because it doesn’t really seem like they matter.
  2. They won’t know how to serve within the church since they were never allowed as a teen.

As you start to brainstorm a few areas of your church where teenagers can be involved, I’ll help start that process by sharing a few areas where our students are regularly serving in our church:

Student Ministry

  • Leading groups of students (we have a four-year age-gap rule)

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