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Are We Keeping It Confidential?

Nine question checklist to ensure financial and personal confidentiality.

Are We Keeping It Confidential?

Confidentiality is always a high priority among church staff and members. Use this checklist to guage how your church is doing at securing confidential information.

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Creating a Culture of Confidentiality

Verbal sharing is sometimes overlooked in discussions about church-office confidentiality. On the phone or in person, office employees field questions about personal appointments or express concerns about church members.

Put it in writing.

One church administrator at a large Baptist church on the West Coast said that all office workers must sign a statement of confidentiality before being hired. Employees that breach this rule are dismissed. Several churches include a confidentiality clause in their employee handbooks.

Clear the area.

Information can be leaked unintentionally. If a secretary gets a phone call from a distraught person, the secretary may have ...

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