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Youth Pastor Sentenced to Up to 12 Years for Secretly Video Recording Four Girls

Appeals court: consecutive sentencing was reasonable and didn’t “improperly rely on religious grounds.”

Key point 4-11.1. Clergy who engage in sexual contact with an adult or minor are subject to civil liability on the basis of several legal theories. They also are subject to criminal liability .

A Michigan court acted properly in sentencing a defendant who had been convicted of sexually inappropriate behavior with four minors to two consecutive, rather than concurrent, terms of incarceration.

Background: Youth pastor secretly video recorded four minors

A police investigation revealed that during 2015 and 2017, a youth pastor (the “defendant”) used his iPhone to secretly video record three sisters and another girl as they showered and changed clothes in his home while staying there on vacation. At the time of the first recording, the three sisters were 12, 14, and 16 years old. The other girl was 16.

The defendant had made several recordings of the girls in various stages of undressing. ...

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