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Who We Are

We Care About the Church. Your Church.

Welcome to ChurchLawAndTax.com—the go-to website for church leaders and pastors wanting guidance in the management side of ministry.

On ChurchLawAndTax.com you’ll find comprehensive, searchable, and easily-accessible information on legal, tax, financial, and risk management matters. It features nationally known church law and tax expert Richard R. Hammar, JD, LL.M, CPA, and other experts in church law, finance, and risk management.

ChurchLawAndTax.com was founded by Richard R. Hammar, and is published by Christianity Today.

Today, a team of eight men and women run the day-to-day operations of ChurchLawAndTax.com. Each and every workday our team thinks about you and your needs as you strive to confidently lead your church.

From creating new articles, conducting research, and keeping the website easy-to-use to working with experts to create books and webinars, our team strives to create the resources you need.

We know the realities of church work. Many of us have either worked in a church setting or served in leadership roles within the church. We share your passion for running the often invisible “business-side” of ministry.

It’s blessing to serve you. And as soon as the pandemic is over and we’re all back together under one roof, we’ll include a team picture.

The ChurchLawAndTax.com Team

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