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Talking about compensation can be difficult—especially in the church. Many ministry workers would say their focus should be on “kingdom work,” not about the amount on their paycheck.
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It’s vital, however, for church leaders to be certain their compensation-setting practices are fair. To help you learn more about pay packages and negotiating raises, Church Law & Tax is unlocking five key compensation articles throughout the month of October. Additionally, with the coupon code CHOCT17SH, get free shipping on the 2018 Compensation Handbook for Church Staff.
Paying the Pastor

Paying the Pastor Subscriber access only

Three tax considerations all churches should note before setting compensation.
Setting Staff Salaries

Setting Staff Salaries Subscriber access only

Churches often fail to count the hidden costs of poor salaries.
What You Need to Know About Negotiating a Raise

What You Need to Know About Negotiating a Raise Subscriber access only

How both employees and their supervisors should approach the conversation.
Fringe Benefits for Church Staff

Fringe Benefits for Church Staff Subscriber access only

The right package can save you big tax dollars.
Minding the Gap: Gender and Compensation in Churches and Ministries

Minding the Gap: Gender and Compensation in Churches and Ministries

How churches can provide equitable pay for the women and men they employ.
Preventing High-Tech Fraud

Preventing High-Tech Fraud Subscriber access only

Prevent embezzlement through electronic funds transfers, identity theft, and computer forgery. 
Essential Guide to Youth Ministry Safety

Essential Guide to Youth Ministry Safety Subscriber access only

Help youth ministers safely and appropriately conduct student ministry with this resource.