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Increase awareness of potential risks and liabilities for churches and leaders, and learn practical steps for protecting ministry.

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Defending Youth Ministries from 8 Critical Risks

Defending Youth Ministries from 8 Critical Risks Subscriber access only

From communication to transportation, preventive action is paramount.
Stopping a Shooter

Stopping a Shooter Subscriber access only

How church leaders can work to prevent a violent incident—or respond if one occurs.

Recent Developments

Issues that affect ministers and churches
Sexual Harassment

Church Agency Not Liable for Nudity in Video as Harassment  Subscriber access only

Woman recording conversations can't sue when fellow employee shows video with flash of nudity.
New York
Personal Injuries on Church Property or During Church Activities

Church Not Responsible to Supervise Outside Party Using Premises  Subscriber access only

As a result, the church was not liable for a minor's injury that took place in their building.
Personal Injuries on Church Property or During Church Activities

Release Form Not Enforceable Due to Lack of Clarity Subscriber access only

Male severely injured in Habitat for Humanity bike race successfully sues organization for negligent conduct.
Is Parental Consent Needed for Children on Church Videos?

Is Parental Consent Needed for Children on Church Videos? Subscriber access only

Seven things church leaders should note on this evolving area of law.
Risk Topics
  • Children & Youth
    Abuse prevention, abuse reporting requirements, nursery, high-risk activities
  • Emergencies
    Disaster, crisis, medical, violence
  • Insurance
    Coverage, claims, disputes
  • Personnel
    Staff, volunteers, screening, harassment, misconduct
  • Property
    Building, contracts, security, playgrounds, parking lots, entry, accessibility
  • Transportation
    Drivers, vehicles, screening
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Protecting Your Tax-Exempt Status

Protecting Your Tax-Exempt Status

Understand the requirements of your tax-exempt status.
Childcare Workers

Childcare Workers

How to protect your church's kids and those who serve them.