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Conducting Background Checks

An employer's failure to conduct criminal records checks on its employees might be viewed by a jury as evidence of negligent hiring.

Key point 10-06. A church may be legally responsible on the basis of negligent selection for injuries resulting from the acts of a minister or other worker not involving sexual misconduct.

* A Georgia appeals court ruled that a trial court improperly dismissed a lawsuit brought against a home security company by a woman who had been kidnapped by one of the company's employees and who had claimed that the company was responsible for its employee's acts on the basis of negligent hiring since it failed to conduct a criminal records check on the employee when he was hired. A home security company (the "employer") hired a salesman (the "employee") to sell home security systems door-to-door. The employer did not perform a background check before hiring the employee, which would have revealed that he had been convicted of burglary and kidnapping in 1979, sentenced to life in prison, and paroled ...

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