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Increase awareness of potential risks and liabilities for churches and leaders, and learn practical steps for protecting ministry.

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6 Questions to Assess Vehicle Insurance

6 Questions to Assess Vehicle Insurance Subscriber access only

Managing the money of the church includes being up-to-date on insurance policies.
Workers' Compensation: Who Is—and Isn't—Covered?

Workers' Compensation: Who Is—and Isn't—Covered? Subscriber access only

A look at how churches should weigh costs and coverages.


Easy-to-use online training programs
Reducing the Risk

Reducing the Risk

Decrease the chance of a child being harmed or your church facing costly allegations when you implement this simple-to-use awareness program.

Recent Developments

Issues that affect ministers and churches
Personal Injuries on Church Property or During Church Activities

Court Rules Release Form Does Not Prohibit Minor from Suing Church After Summer Camp Injury

Is Parental Consent Needed for Children on Church Videos?

Is Parental Consent Needed for Children on Church Videos? Subscriber access only

Seven things church leaders should note on this evolving area of law.
Risk Topics
  • Children & Youth
    Abuse prevention, abuse reporting requirements, nursery, high-risk activities
  • Emergencies
    Disaster, crisis, medical, violence
  • Insurance
    Coverage, claims, disputes
  • Personnel
    Staff, volunteers, screening, harassment, misconduct
  • Property
    Building, contracts, security, playgrounds, parking lots, entry, accessibility
  • Transportation
    Drivers, vehicles, screening

Child Abuse Reporting Laws

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50-State Child Abuse Reporting Laws Survey for Clergy and Church Leaders

A review of how each state defines mandatory reporters and key reporting processes.
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Does Your Church Need a Security Guard?

Does Your Church Need a Security Guard?  Subscriber access only

Keeping your church safe from gun violence.
Safe Hiring Practices for Ministries

Safe Hiring Practices for Ministries  Subscriber access only

Essential items to consider before you bring new clergy or staff on board.