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501(c)(3), property tax, sales tax, political activity

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A Caution for Church Volunteers Deducting Expenses Subscriber access only

Recent Tax Court ruling addresses common expenses and charitable contributions.

How should items donated for a silent auction be treated for tax purposes? Subscriber access only

Responding to the Transgender Bathroom Access Controversy

Responding to the Transgender Bathroom Access Controversy Subscriber access only

How church leaders can navigate this still-developing legal issue.
Churches and Political Involvement

Churches and Political Involvement Subscriber access only

Where church and state can meet for ministries.
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Politics and the Church

Politics and the Church

Tax and legal guidelines faith-based organizations need to know before jumping into the political fray.
Church Finance

Church Finance

Learn about budgeting, financial reporting, tax compliance, insurance coverage, and more.
Protecting Your Tax-Exempt Status

Protecting Your Tax-Exempt Status

Understand the requirements of your tax-exempt status.



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